Opportunities for everyone.

As an inclusive team of digital product strategists, we’ve helped realise some world changing ideas. But changing the world is not our calling. It is just a happy byproduct of what we really want to do - to make this complex world of ours, exceedingly obvious.

We are a small team that creates giants. Over the last decade, we have partnered with some of South East Asia's most recognised organisations—startups, unicorns, or Fortune 500s, and grown with them. Our work speaks in stories. As a fully bootstrapped award winning product and strategy consultancy, our goal has remained constant: to discover uncommon problems and create well-thought-out digital products. Our thoughts are shared in our blog.

We are public by default. One of our most loved output is our Playbook, where we detail out exactly how our engineering and design teams are built, how they work, communicate, collaborate and grow. 

We are also an equal opportunity workplace and encourage applications from all walks of life. We intentionally focus on building diversity of abilities, skills, opinions, gender, ages and geographies. Our team currently consists of 60% people who identify as womxn, with representation from almost every corner of the country.

 Learning from our experiences, we've now decided to flex our product-building muscles with Obvious X, our high-autonomy product arm. We are currently testing the waters with our first product: a strong yet simple leave management system, Pause, that is already creating ripples among its users, and aim to build more such prolific products in-house in the near future.

Our beliefs

The common belief system that girds our actions has three elements:

  • Craft: Commitment to craft is at the heart of what we do. It is this unflinching eye on superior craft creation that has helped us consistently do well ever since we started. Folks seek us out because we hold our regard for craft and belief that great digital products can come out of India very high.
  • Context: While our craft allows us to go deep, it's our understanding of context that has made us successful. We've been able to take up a wide variety of work across industries and create some of the best contextual understanding of digital product strategy.
  • Community: We have been very mindful of the larger ecosystem of designers, engineers and organisation builders that we have taken ideas and support from, and share our methods and practices openly. Community and building connections is so ingrained into how we work, that our office space has factored that in as well. Since going remote, we have continued this by way of open Town halls and collaborative work on Covid relief with the design and engineering communities.

Our clients

Grow with us

At Obvious, we look for multi-faceted, T-shaped individuals, who bring a lot to the table other than just their craftOur hope is to fight the default of exclusion. And to that end, we address these elements of implicit bias by eliminating data points such as educational institutions & qualifications, organisations worked at previously, last drawn salary, current/permanent address, place of origin, etc. We let our applicants self-select if they consider themselves falling in the axes of inclusion. Our hiring process evaluates thoroughly for craft focus and values-connectedness.

Job Openings

Perks & Benefits

  • 📖 Learning budget: A generous learning budget allows everyone to hone their craft further.
  • 🤗 Mental health support: Our tie-up with Kahamind ensures that everyone in the organisation can avail of mental health learnings and free access to engaging and working with mental health professionals.
  • 🤒 Very sick leave: If people are sick for a long period of time, we don't tell them that your paid leave has run out and you will now be on loss of pay. We take a call on supporting them, and paying them for time when they have been out of commission, owing to circumstances out of their control.
  • 🌴 Menstrual leave: A no-questions-asked leave policy, under which people who menstruate can take paid time off. 
  • 🎙 Showcasing expertise: We give paid time off for our people to represent us at conferences and seminars.
  • 🏡 Comprehensive family healthcare: Medical insurance for employees, spouse and children covers everyone at Obvious for all medical situations including the current pandemic.
  • 👶 Parental leave: In addition to the 26 weeks of leave for new mothers, we also offer 8 weeks of paid leave for new fathers, and an option for an additional 12 weeks at 75% of regular salary. 

Our team

We are a team of 35+ practitioners across design, engineering and strategy. 

Since March 2020, we have been a remote-first organisation and continue to be so. We will give folks a 6-month heads-up, should we decide to go the hybrid workspace way in the future. While people are working remotely, we have enabled everyone with a WFH setup - both tech hardware and furniture.