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Android Engineer

We are a Bangalore, India based company. We are currently working remotely, and intend to, till December 2021. All of our team currently works out of different locations in India. We are happy to receive applications from folks anywhere in the India time zone.  

We’re a small team that focuses on the big things, punching way above our weight. Our craft is important to us, and we hone it and utilise it in the context of our work. We invest in ourselves and care about each other — a great team is multiplicative and not additive!

To this end, we maintain a playbook of our lore and practices. We’re product engineers and not just software engineers. We understand that great software is only a small part of value-creation. We work with our designers, often in the same room, to rapidly iterate and validate our assumptions.

We believe in the DevOps movement, and imbibe the principles in all our work — yes, even Android engineering! We review code with care and guidance, not as an afterthought, but every day as part of our workflow. We regularly share our work and learnings and engage with the community.

We are very aware of the reality during the pandemic that we often end up "living at work" as opposed to "working from home". To that end, we give time-off when needed. We normalise taking small breaks during the day or being available only 70% on some days. We also have carefully constructed hardware & computer equipment guidelines including a one time WFH fund to help put together a stronger infrastructure at home.

As conditions change for how we work remotely, our guidelines will evolve to make sure everyone is comfortable.  


We are prioritising applicants from under-represented, diverse backgrounds.

"We believe that the strongest solutions (from technology and design perspectives) are created when a diversity of voices, opinions and perspectives are brought to bear on problems that our clients hire us to solve."

Core requirements

  • Have worked across different components of an app, or on multiple apps
  • Familiar with using the Android SDK to build applications using either Java or Kotlin
  • Have 3+ years of experience in Android application development

Not required but nice to have

  • Familiarity with cross-platform Flutter toolkit, or
  • Familiarity with building iOS apps

Engineering aptitude

  • Owns small features, starting from technical design through completion; coordinates with other senior engineer(s).
  • Appreciates and participates in technical discussions, and values guidance and feedback.
  • Does not need mentoring on a daily basis; makes steady progress by themselves, and knows when to ask for help to get unblocked.
  • Comfortable with referencing technical specifications, API references, source code, and man pages to understand concepts or solve issues.

Design process

  • Understands the role and importance of design -- including consistency, conventions, and human interface guidelines.
  • Familiar with the Material design language and controls; knows when to use which control, and knows how to implement them in code.

Code reviews

  • Understands the value of peer-reviewed code; learns how to be unbiased and provide effective feedback.
  • Asks senior engineers for help when needed (e.g.: architecture decisions, refactoring).

Release engineering

  • Recognises the role of a build system, and how to use templates to setup new projects.
  • Works with existing build systems to add dependencies and make minor changes.

If you think you meet 60 - 75% of our criteria then we would love to connect and explore possibilities with you. So please do apply or write-in without hesitation.

“You cannot fix by engineering what is broken by culture.”