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Backend Engineer • ObviousX

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Backend Engineer • ObviousX

We're looking for engineers specializing in building backend services and APIs.

Backend systems are the backbone of a software product. Customers never interact with these services directly, but the customer experience gets defined positively by a fast and responsive service.

Our teams embrace the Ways of DevOps to produce, iterate, and improve our work at a rapid pace. Accelerate, Release It, and POEAA are our daily guides. On a foundation of trunk-based development, we continuously deliver to our customers with confidence and support all other teams to be successful.

As hardware and infrastructure costs have dropped, many teams believe that gaining temporary velocity at the cost of reduced performance, is a good idea. We shun such practices and believe that effective services are maintained by strong small teams, who own their infrastructure as much as their code.

Consultant · Working Remotely

We're actively looking for applicants from under-represented, diverse backgrounds! The strongest solutions are created when a diversity of voices, opinions and perspectives are brought to bear on the issues of our times.

As Obvious, we’ve built some exceptional digital products that each heralded a new era across e-commerce, finance, healthcare, education and more. Many of these already take up well-deserved space on smartphones today — think Dunzo, Swiggy, Myntra etc. We’ve loved doing it so much that we want to go the full distance by ourselves, all systems go.

And that’s where Obvious X comes in.

Obvious X is a high-agency, high-autonomy, and impact-driven initiative dedicated to solving new problems and building life-changing products — all in-house.

We aspire to be distinct in our mission, vision, and approach, and become a nesting space for products that will turn industries over their heads. We will apply the knowledge we've gained over the years of building multiple success stories, to handpick the problems we want to solve. With evidence-based conviction and a whole host of engineering best practices at our disposal, we intend to build prolific long-living products.

There’s ample room for taking risks and letting evidence and experience guide us. If you’re curious to know how we intend to do that, we break it down in our post here: Say Hello to Obvious X.

Despite the cross-disciplinary nature of Obvious X — where engineering and design meets product and business, we will come together as a synergic mix of experience and passion to create meaning.

Our end goal is to create people-centric, self-sustaining products the right way, and with the right people — and you could be one of them!

About the role

🎯 Core skills

  • 2-3 years of experience in building, running, and maintaining production services.
  • Strong in Java and JVM-based services.
        ↪ Bonus points if you're experienced with Dropwizard!
        ↪ Bonus points if you're experienced with Kotlin!
  • Strong on PostgreSQL.

⚙️ Infrastructure
  • Strong on using and tuning Heroku or AWS tools.

  • Comfortable with CI tools and continuous delivery practices.

  • Comfortable with the *nix command line, shell scripts.

📈 Practices
  • Own complete features, starting from technical design through completion, coordinating with other engineer(s) and product designers.
  • Participate in peer-reviewed code, and aim to be unbiased and provide effective feedback.
  • Write testable code across the testing pyramid, that enables continuous refactoring as systems evolve and grow.

“Build with conviction, build for longevity, and build with the best.”