Communications specialist

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Communications specialist

We're looking for someone to anchor content and social media with our Communications/Marketing team!

Full-time on contract · Working Remotely

Join us full-time on contract for 2-3 months remotely to help better our content and social media with our Communications/Marketing team, and learn about our methods and processes along the way!

As a small team of digital product strategists, we’ve helped realise some world changing ideas, both in the for-profit and not-for-profit space. But changing the world is not our calling. It is just a happy byproduct of what we really want to do: make this complex world of ours, exceedingly obvious.

We’ve dedicated our lives to this mission and have evolved methods and best practices that have helped us solve complex problems by delivering solutions that are dead obvious. To read more on how we work and grow at Obvious, refer to our Careers page.

At Obvious, we’re always looking to make our studio more interesting and diverse. We believe that by bringing in young communicators who are willing to take risks, itching to build something exciting and can challenge our thinking, we will continue to grow into a more well rounded team. By helping you learn, we hope to become better ourselves.

Through the course of this role, you can expect to collaborate closely with our communications team and become an integral part of Obvious. While this is a short-term role, there is a possibility of it turning into a permanent one, basis value fit and goal alignment. 


  • Plan, write and publish well-researched and optimised content for multiple platforms and marketing collaterals including social media, blogs, website etc.
  • Develop and execute comprehensive social media strategies to build brand awareness and support new business development.
  • Work closely with designers, engineers and the communications team and leverage expert knowledge to create informative content.
  • Adhere strictly to the organisation's style guides and policies for publication.


  • Excellent communication and web and social media copywriting skills.
  • Proven experience creating and executing end to end social media strategies.
  • An ability to identify target audience preferences and build engaging content.
  • Bonus:
- An understanding of the design and technical space and the writing styles it would entail.
- Experience with SEO and an understanding of Content Management Systems.

Please note: This role requires significant face time with the team. To avoid overtime and delays in delivery for the rest of the team, we prefer the role to be based out of India or within IST timezone.


If what we’ve outlined sounds exciting to you, then apply using the link below and we will get in touch with you soon!