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Join Us in Making the World More Obvious

We’re not on a mission to change the world. That’s right. We’re not.

Don’t get us wrong. We aren’t complacent; we’re actually a very ambitious bunch. As a small group of digital product strategists, we’ve helped realise some amazing world changing ideas, both in the for-profit and not-for-profit space. But changing the world is not our direct calling. It is just a happy byproduct of what we really want to do - make this complex world of ours, exceedingly obvious.

We believe that complex technology, when simplified and made ubiquitously accessible, finds ways to change the world on its own. Take satellite communication, one of the most complex innovations of the last century for example. Today, it powers navigation services, on top of which are built everyday businesses like ride hailing, food delivery, courier services and more. A lot more. None of those businesses would have been conceived, if it wasn’t for a dead obvious manifestation of navigation a.k.a maps, in the palms of billions of people.

For us, making complex things obvious is not a means to an end, but an end in itself. It has the power to drive systemic change which is otherwise impossible to realize. We’ve dedicated our lives to creating that change, and we’re inviting you to join us in pushing it forward.

What Can You Expect From Us?

As an organisation, we believe in compass over maps. We live in a complex world that moves fast, and the cost of mapping details, often exceeds the cost of finding the right direction and just getting started. Over the years, we’ve aligned on a few guiding principles that act as our north star. They help us find direction, even when there isn’t one which is obvious. You can expect us to uphold these principles, no matter the cost. Here they are -

1. We Thrive on Complexity and Impact

We love solving complex, challenging problems, that have the potential to deliver very high impact. Unlike a regular services business that takes up everything under the sun, we are particularly selective about what we chose to work on.

Expect to only work on projects that score highly on the axes of both complexity and impact.

2. We Are Devoted to Our Craft, Context and Community

We started Obvious because we believed that our craft could add significant value to the businesses we serve. While craft was, and continues to be the core of what we do, our ability to expand it to a diverse set of contexts, has helped us deliver some very impactful outcomes and learn some very valuable lessons. Our final step in this journey is to share our learnings by engaging regularly with the tech and design community through talks, events and our open source playbook.

Expect to be pushed to practice deep craft, in challenging contexts, and share your work with the larger community.

3. We Believe in People, Products and Profits, in That Order

The math is simple. By investing in our people, we build great products, which drive good profits. To make this investment meaningful, we seek and share feedback regularly. We deeply engage as individuals, and as a team. We help our each other craft an ideal career path, and then measure, quantify and improve ourselves through our exhaustive growth framework. We also strive to provide support in areas which might not be directly work related, but are equally important, such as emotional well being and continuing education.

Expect working at Obvious to feel a bit like going back to school; one which is deeply invested in your growth, but also expects you to reinvest in the growth of your peers.

4. We Are Prolific Producers

While we do bring our experience to bear upon our work, it’s just a small component of what helps us craft exceptional solutions. In fact, if experience has taught us anything, it is to trust it with a pinch of salt; it often extends an invitation to dangerous, sometimes outdated, and if you’re unlucky, even catastrophic, assumptions.

So more than our experience, we trust in our ability to produce prolifically. We create and churn through a large quantity of ideas, in order to get to that one, very high quality idea, which can make our clients successful. This of course, is easier said than done, which is why we’ve created and evolved our design practice to help us reproduce successful outcomes time and again.

Expect to become a prolific producer through learning, employing and evolving our current frameworks, as well as create new ones that work better.

5. We Are Driven by Values

Everyone at Obvious is driven by sustainable values, not by unsustainable goals. That does not mean that we don’t have goals. We do. In fact, we use OKRs to set ambitious goals and track them. Having said that, we believe that living by a strong set of values will unlock goals which go far beyond our current ambition. So, we see no reason to cap our ambition, by cooking up artificial goals powered by vanity metrics. From fighting the default of exclusion to making ourselves public by default, we live, breathe and sleep every value we hold dear.

Expect never to be asked to compromise your values, no matter the potential returns for Obvious. We don’t just operate from a first-principles approach, we also operate from a principles-first mindset.

What Do We Expect From You?

If you’ve read this far, and haven’t lost interest, you’re probably wondering - “What role are they looking to hire for? What responsibilities would they expect to be fulfilled?”

At Obvious, our hiring philosophy is slightly different. We’re never hiring, but we always are. That means, we never hire based on immediate needs but we’re always looking for talented people to join our cause. By not operating under the pressure of hiring for current requirements, we’ve been able to build a forward-looking team hired purely based on merit plus value fit, and we want to continue doing so.

To that effect, we don’t want to miss out on bringing you in just because you don’t fit the ‘Role & Job Description’. We strongly believe that people produce their best work when they are at their natural best. Forcefully reducing them to experts vs generalists, or individual contributors vs managers, hampers their growth instead of boosting it. So if you’re interested, we encourage you to evaluate yourself on our growth framework and craft your own ideal job description. If you can dream it up, we can definitely create room for it.

How Do We Hire?

We are a fair and equitable workplace. Most organisations hire people based on their previous role and compensation, but not us. Our 3-step process is open and transparent so you know what to expect. 

Once here, everyone delivering the same value gets paid the same. To fairly identify what value a new hire might bring to the table, irrespective of their seniority we take them through a 3 month fellowship program where we immerse them in our ways of working. This helps us, as well as the new hire, understand their value in our org, based on which we offer them a position. Not only does this process ensure that we don’t hire someone who looks good on paper but can’t deliver high quality work, it also helps fairly compensate people who do not have the negotiation skills to demand a salary they truly deserve.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you agree with a large portion of what we’ve said above, and would like to explore the idea of working with us, apply using the link below. We will get in touch with you soon!