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Frontend Web Engineer

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Front-end Web Engineer

We're looking for a Web Engineer who will play a critical role in quality and delivery of projects and build client relationships with the care and craft that Obvious is known for.

Full-time · Working Remotely
We are looking for applicants from under-represented, diverse backgrounds! We believe that the strongest solutions (from technology and design perspectives) are created when a diversity of voices, opinions and perspectives are brought to bear on problems that our clients hire us to solve.

It’s a new morning. You grab a leisurely breakfast and coffee before sitting down to work and getting your tools in order. Your Slack workspace pings: “Ready for our daily stand-up?.” After catching up with your team, a multi-strength set of engineers who love what they do (just like you!), it’s down to business.

You start work for the first client, on a fintech app downloaded over 10 million times. You make time to write code, resolve a few bottlenecks, and pair up with the design team to define and implement critical features. You enable efficient solutions for the client while also balancing on-time execution across the board.

With every step, you see your work evolve and you grow into your strengths as an engineer at one of the leading product consultancies in India. You understand that complex technology, when simplified and made ubiquitously accessible, finds its own ways to change the world.

This is a glimpse of what it’s like to work as an engineer at Obvious.

This could be you!

What you will do

  • Own features, starting from technical design through completion, and coordinate with other engineers.

  • Participate and lead technical discussions

  • Leverage your knowledge of technical specifications, API references, source code to understand concepts or solve issues.

  • Run small sized projects independently
  • Balance quality, timelines and delivery of the projects

What you will need

  • 3+ years of experience in building components using popular frameworks like React/Vue/Svelte

  • Familiarity with state management in large client side apps

  • Familiarity with isolated component development and visual testing with Storybook

  • Understanding of workings of various browsers including DOM, browser APIs, event loop, and CSSOM

  • Experience in writing CSS in JS or utility-based CSS with Tailwind

  • Familiarity with modern JavaScript tooling landscape including babel, webpack, vite, eslint, yarn workspaces etc.

  • Bonus: Familiarity with Typescript, Gatsby and Sanity.io

What you will get

  • A dedicated spot in a culture-centric, principle-driven, equal opportunity organisation
  • The freedom to work remotely, at your own pace, and towards your preferred goals
  • Mentoring from some of India’s most coveted designers and engineers
  • A lit-up path towards sought-after design or engineering leadership roles of the time
  • An environment to practice compass leadership in and learn as you go along
  • The freedom to nurture methods and practices that create outcomes
  • Free access to mental health support and comprehensive family healthcare
  • A learning budget to splurge on whatever you need to grow personally and professionally
  • The newest tech to enable your best creative work
  • A seat with your name on it in our sprawling central Bengaluru office
  • Regular offsites, customised goodie bags, surprise coffee tasting sessions, and more

At Obvious, product engineers are not just software engineers. We understand that great software is only a small part of value-creation. We work with our designers, often in the same room to rapidly iterate and validate our assumptions. Our Engineering playbook details all our lore and practices.

We believe in the DevOps movement, and imbibe the principles in all our work, even Mobile engineering! We review code with care and guidance, not as an afterthought, but every day as part of our workflow. We regularly share our work and learnings and engage with the community.

As we work remotely, we give time-off when needed, normalise taking small breaks during the day or being available only 70% on some days. We have also carefully constructed hardware and computing equipment guidelines, including a one time WFH fund to help put together a stronger infrastructure at home. You can read more about working and growing at Obvious here

We are remote-first, and will be till further notice. In case of any changes, we will ensure a 6 month heads-up. 

*Please note: This role requires significant face time with the team and clients. To avoid situations of chronic stretch for the Lead and the rest of the team, we prefer the role to be based out of India or within IST timezone.