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Lead Android Engineer

We’re a small team that focuses on the big things, punching way above our weight. Our craft is important to us, and we hone it and utilise it in the context of our work. We invest in ourselves and care about each other — a great team is multiplicative and not additive!

To this end, we maintain a playbook of our lore and practices. We’re product engineers and not just software engineers. We understand that great software is only a small part of value-creation. We work with our designers, often in the same room, to rapidly iterate and validate our assumptions.

We believe in the DevOps movement, and imbibe the principles in all our work — yes, even Mobile engineering! We review code with care and guidance, not as an afterthought, but every day as part of our workflow. We regularly share our work and learnings and engage with the community.

We are very aware of the reality during the pandemic that we often end up "living at work" as opposed to "working from home". To that end, we give time-off when needed. We normalise taking small breaks during the day or being available only 70% on some days. We also have carefully constructed hardware & computer equipment guidelines including a one time WFH fund to help put together a stronger infrastructure at home.

We are currently working remotely, and intend to, till December 2021. All of our team currently works out of different locations in India. We are happy to receive applications from folks anywhere in the India time zone.  

Full-time · Remote (IST)*

We are looking for applicants from under-represented, diverse backgrounds!

"We believe that the strongest solutions (from technology and design perspectives) are created when a diversity of voices, opinions and perspectives are brought to bear on problems that our clients hire us to solve."

An Engineering Lead at Obvious runs small to mid-sized projects with minimal oversight from the Head of Engineering. Leads are responsible for the quality and delivery of their projects. They lead colleagues, work directly with clients, and stay on track with the timeline. They play a critical role in ensuring that the high standard for which engineering at Obvious is known is upheld.

At Obvious, "pods" are our atomic unit of consulting. Each of our projects is staffed with a dedicated pod of three to five engineers (or designers). One of the members of that pod is a "Lead", whose role is to play at the intersection between the rest of the team, the client and the rest of Obvious. It's a critical role, to ensure that projects get delivered - not just on time, but calmly and with the care and craft that Obvious is known for. Pragmatism and perfection - both will be asked from not just you, but the entire team that you will lead - and knowing when to prioritise one over the other will be what determines your success in this role.

Are you our new Lead Android Engineer?

  • You are a strong Android engineer. You have a strong technical background with experience in building and designing Android applications.
  • You’ve got experience. You’ve been an engineer for at least 6 years or more. You have built different products or contributed to open-source libraries.
  • You measure your own success by the progress of the people around you. To you, a job well done means providing opportunities and support that allow your teammates and community to thrive.
  • You are inspiring. Your team sees you as a role model. Even senior engineers feel they are able to learn from you. You care deeply about mentorship and growing engineers.
  • You work well cross-functionally and with your co-workers at all levels. You listen to clients and work with the designers to create the very thing that somehow makes their wishes come true.

Not required but nice to have

  • You have led a team before. You've worked as a team lead or manager before, so you know how much work and care goes into it. You enjoyed that part of the role and want to do more of it.

What does this role mean for you?

  • Leading from the front as a player-coach. Lead the team to deliver their best work with constraint-driven thinking. Leadership at Obvious isn’t about telling other people what to do. You lead by listening and by example.
  • Directly contribute to core interface design and writing code. Serve as a role model for software design by developing, sharing, and setting the quality bar for Obvious Engineering as a whole.
  • Teach and mentor engineers to become next generation leaders.
  • A technical advisor to the head of engineering. Advise leadership on technical considerations related to the success of Obvious Engineering.
  • Thrive in a collaborative environment developing and executing against immediate and long-term roadmaps and making effective tradeoffs considering business priorities, but always with the user experience in mind.
  • Listen well and internalise the best ideas from all over the organisation while also setting a vision that others are excited to get behind.

This role is not for you if

  • You are not interested in management. This is a player-coach role — that means there will be management duties. If you're not comfortable with giving candid, actionable feedback, providing a safe space for people and enabling your team to grow and do better, everyday, this is not the role for you.
  • You need predictability in your tasks. Responding to client needs means that roadmaps can change, people can fall ill, or those pesky designers can put in tons of complex animations. Being able to calmly navigate these currents with skill and a smile are essential to being a Lead at Obvious.

*Please note: This role requires significant face time with the team and clients. To avoid situations of chronic stretch for the Lead and the rest of the team, we prefer the role to be based out of India or within IST timezone.